Size Chart

It can be a bummer buying from the Internet sometimes. You don’t know if the thing will fit you or not.

Good thing we’ve got handy size charts on every product page. Every product we have is designed differently so the they do have slightly different sizes to each other. But we have size charts on every page and they are both in inches and centimetres.

How do I find my measurements?

It is very easy to find your own measurements. First you should stand normal and upright. If you have a tape measure use that and wrap it around the fullest part of your chest to find your measurements. Leave some room as you don’t want to make it so tight that you struggle to breathe.

If you don’t have a tape measure use a piece of string and wrap it round your self. Once you have done that measure the string with a ruler.

If you don’t have either use clothes that you already own as a guide to what size you need to buy and what size will fit you.

For trousers and bottoms use a tape measure and wrap it around your waist to find the right measurement for you. Likewise if you don’t have a tape measure handy, you can use a previous pair of trousers or bottoms as a guide.

Boxing gloves size

We’ve found that the most popular and best size for boxing gloves are 12 oz. 12 oz gloves are great for all aspects boxing including sparring, pad work, heavybag work, and more.

We do plan to get more sizes in but right now we only stock the 12oz version of our gloves.

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Still need help?

Do you still need help with finding the right fit? Get in touch with us and contact us. We would be happy to help. We always want to help our customers lives easier and if we can help with anything we will gladly help.

You can contact us on our Contact page or alternatively you can email us at contact(at)