Fortis is a boxing and fightwear brand that specialises in selling it’s own range of boxing gloves, MMA gloves and fightwear including t-shirts and fight shorts.

Our range of products are unrivalled in quality and we have a scrupulous and meticulous eye to detail.

We have ambitious goals in place and aim to be one of the leading fightwear brands. In no way will this be a easy or simple goal but we believe we can achieve it.

We have a huge passion for boxing and think this will show in our products. We make sure each product we have undergoes a scrupulous and painstaking design and engineering process.

Fortis comes from the Latin word which means strong, brave and powerful. We think the lion represents and shares the same characteristics, the lion personifies Fortis. Every fighter has the same attributes and we are proud to represent the true fighters and warriors!

Our commitment and unrivalled passion for the game ensures that we will get to the top of the fight wear and fight gear industry.

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